Published On:Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bollywood Movie Preview: Piku

Directed by Shoojit Sircar, Piku is going to be released this weekend. Following are the specific points of the movie which would help you in deciding whether to watch the movie or not.
Long story in short
v  The movie is something about constipation, its symptoms, causes and effects. However, solution is hidden and if you guys think that the movie would answer the solution on your constipation then you will have to wait for Piku 2.
v  There is no reason why Deepika Padukone is working in this movie; it was just 'My Choice'.
v  No cleavage show, no hot and sexy scene and no kissing scene in the entire movie, for-a-change going by her new doctrine 'My Choice'.
v  She has also utilized her choice of maintaining same kind of facial expressions.
v  Amitabh's fans who died after watching Shamitabh can book their tickets from heaven and hell. From sources in heaven and hell, ticket prices are very low due to absence of demand after Shamitabh debacle.
v  The movie is generalized to be a funny one where Amitabh, Deepika and Irfan Khan will have sarcastic triangle. In the climax, Amitabh will stay with his constipation, releasing gases and allowing Deepika to go with Irfan. For a change, he wouldn't die in the movie.
v  Dhanush is playing cameo. Don't worry, it's just a joke.
v  Deepika has done everything to look 'fair'.
v  Why to watch?
To see an original problem of the third world
v  Why not to watch?
To avoid a movie that mocks the problem of the third world, which you face regularly.
v  Finally
Take The Toilet paper of India (TOI) with you to convert the lobby into reading hall if you feel the movie is boring.

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