Published On:Friday, 22 May 2015

World will go to hell if PM Narendra Modi looses in 2019 elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a scathing attack on opposition who criticised him on his remarks that Indians felt shameful in India before he took chair of the country's prime ministership. Modi said that before he became prime minister of India there were no world at all.
"Yes, that is what Barack told me that he felt same way when he became US President. Since I became India's PM, the global energy levels have gone up by at least 100%, meaning there was no existence of the world at all before I became PM. I am sure if people don't elect me again in 2019 elections the world probably would collapse or go to hell," said Narendra Modi, addressing a wide audience in the mental asylum of Agra.
He told his audience that you should also feel same way and encourage and motivate yourselves that without you world would go to hell. That would help you guys think that how much you people are significant for the world and not just India.
"I am really shameful if I don't put this much of energy in you that by 2019 you would all think the same way as I think and not like some of my baby partners in the cabinet and my entire opposition," everybody laughed on Narendra Modi's comment. Modi confirmed them that his baby partners and opposition have lesser IQ than his audience in Agra's asylum.
Reacting to Modi's speech, Congress leader Digvijay Singh said "Look at the arrogance of Mr. Modi, he thinks world would go to hell and not in jannat. This is the Sanghi hypocrisy and communalism."

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