Published On:Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pakistan targets average IQ of 20 for its citizens by 2050

Pakistan government and its army establishment has opened a war against low levels of intelligent quotient of its citizens, establishments and media, Pakistani leading English daily Dawn reported. Both the establishments promised the nation that IQ levels of its citizens will improve to 20 by 2050. Recently, Zamaat Ud Dawah with average IQ levels of zero has published a poster in Pakistani news paper that the earthquake was caused by "our sins" and "vulgarity".

omar r quraishi (@omar_quraishi) tweeted at 9:42 AM on Thu, Oct 29, 2015:
Newspaper advertisement by Pakistan's JUD saying that the earthquake was caused by "our sins" and "vulgarity"

"I really feel disgusted wherever I go and watch any Pakistani with IQ of 1. The situation was not similar when Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah took over Pakistan. The IQ was 10 at that time while IQ of Qaid-e-Azam was highest ever for any Pakistani at 25. Now it is time for us to reduce this embarrassment and at least to show that we have slightly below average IQ level," said Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif.

Sharif told Pakistan media that currently average IQ of any politician in Pakistan is 5, Pakistani citizen 1, Pakistan Army 3 and Pakistan Media zero and it needs to take serious efforts to improve it.

He told in the conference that all Pakistani politicians plan to support him and a plan to improve IQ levels will be imported from China.

"China is our big brother, it will take all the efforts to improve our IQ levels," said Sharif.

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