Published On:Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Arvind Kejriwal thrashes Donald Trump; claims crony capitalists are communal people

Delhi: 09-December-2015
India's Yug Purush and last clean politician, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed his followers that crony capitalism and communalism are sisters and that has been proved by U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. He advised all the Muslims and intellects to come to Delhi and he will provide free residence as well as free water and electricity.
"In my last birth when I was mentoring Martin (Martin Luther King), I told him that U.S. is moving towards crony capitalism and it means it is becoming a highly communal country. That time he denied anything like that is happening in U.S. and thrashed my vision as just a stupid prediction. But now wherever he would be, he would accept his mistake. Today Donald Trump proved me right and therefore he also proves me right for supporting to Laloo in Bihar," Arvind Kejriwal told India Satire correspondent Swati in an exclusive chat.

Kejriwal confirmed that his fight is not against dual enemies of crony capitalism and communalism but a single one and that is crocaco. He worried about the minority in U.S. and is ready to discuss a formula to rehabilitate them.
He told correspondent "Delhi dill se bhari hai. We invited Ghulam Ali after Shiv Sena's ban on his concert in Mumbai. Same way we invite all the muslims, seculars and intellects to Delhi. Their population may be whatever but we have place for them in our hearts. We will sleep on roads and footpaths but we will give them our shelters. I request all middle class people of Delhi to sacrifice their houses for these refugees from U.S. I have a formula for them all of seculars who want to go to U.S. should come to Delhi on even days we will give every alternative house/flat/bungalow of Delhite to them."
When the correspondent asked him whether he wants to nominate for as a U.S. Presidential candidate in the next elections, Kejriwal cleared the air. He said "Meri koi aukat nee hai. Mein sirf aam aadmi hu. Apne bachchok is sir ki kasam khaata hu, I am not interested in becoming President of U.S. Ha jaate jaate, ek hi baat kehena chahta hu. I have Swiss Bank A/c No. of Donald Trump and I will disclose it soon, may be on some odd day."
(All inputs reported by our special correspondent Swati Gupta from Delhi)

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