Published On:Sunday, 13 December 2015

Asterix and Obelix arrive in Mumbai to scold Director Imtiaz Ali

Mumbai: 14-December-2015
India Satire correspondent Swati Gupta found famous cartoon characters, Asterix and Obelix along with their friends at busy International Airport of Mumbai, searching for Director Imtiaz Ali who directed epic movie 'Tamasha' recently. Imtiaz Ali infuriated them for dumping two unnaturally underweight species in Corsica; both are doing some abnormal activities across the town, Asterix and Obelix travelled years back.
"Where is Imtiaz Ali? Where is that person who directed crap 'Tamasha'? I am not going to let him live peacefully," said Asterix whose eyes exactly looked blood thirsty like Deepika Padukone's in Bajirao Mastani's Deewani Mastani song. He told India Satire correspondent that he had filled his tummy with Getafix's magic potion and Obelix was also excited to scold Imtiaz Ali's collar.

"I want to nip every evil in the bud before using name of places where we (Asterix and Obelix) lived or where we travelled," said Asterix "How dared he show Corsica in a bad light? Now if anybody wants to travel Corsica, he would think that only people with tiny brains visit the town. Even the IQ level of Obelix is 100 times superior to the director and his counterparts," said Asterix.
According to source, while Obelix not only wanted to scold and torture Imtiaz Ali for making such a movie but also wanted to check whether main star cast with aggregate weight of 40kgs exist on the earth. The source also told correspondent that Obelix track India quite well and wanted to wring the necks of fat intellectual boars of Mumbai apart from Imtiaz Ali. Their friend, Dogmatix wanted to bite schizophrenic protagonist and leading female character for imitating him in the first half of the movie. Both these characters of Tamasha made some controversial actions which could have hurt the dog community, according to the source. They also decided to take music director A.R. Rehman and singer Arijeet Singh with them to Gaul and tie them around the tree and free their bard Cacofonix for being much more tolerable.
(All inputs reported by our special correspondent Swati Gupta from Mumbai)

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