Published On:Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Rahul Gandhi worries about brainwashing of Donald Duck; blames Narendra Modi's frequent visits to US

Delhi: 09-December-2015
In a sneering attack on the BJP government, Rahul Gandhi asks explanation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi over rising intolerance in U.S. The Congress Vice President and scion of Gandhi family, Rahul Baba claimed that frequent visits of Narendra Modi stimulated environment of America and affected percipience of his favourite cartoon characters.
"Hon. Speaker, today my favourite cartoon character and childhood friend Donald Duck (according to party sources he was referring to Donald Trump) asked White House to ban Muslims from entering into U.S. How did this happen? Who is responsible for the change in secular virtues of Donald bhai? Is it a planned conspiracy to pollute the environment of U.S. just like it did in India? I want to ask Mr. Modi why he needs to go to U.S. again and again. Is there some specific objective to do that? Hon. Speaker, today Donald bhai left his secular virtues tomorrow Micky Mouse will take same decision. I am pretty sure that it was Mr. Modi who frequently visits U.S. influenced his wisdom. Hon. Speaker, I request a special session of Parliament to discuss rising atrocities and brain washing of my favourite characters from the right wing terror ideologies of India like Yogiji and Sadhvijis. I also believe that increasing visits of Prime Minister to U.S. would have polluted the environment of that country and he should be kept away from Disney Land," said Rahul Gandhi, addressing the Parliament of India.
Rahul Baba also claimed that all his favourite cartoon characters need special security not just in India or U.S. but also all over the world from the right wing terror lobby.
"I asked my uncle Doraemon (here its Diggy Chacha, or Congress Senior Leader Digvijay Singh who also mentored Rahul since his child hood, according to sources) to create a gadget which will bring my favorite Donald Duck to his senses," Rahul confide in an exclusive chat with India Satire correspondent Swati Gupta outside the Parliament.
(All inputs reported by our special correspondent Swati Gupta from Delhi) 

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