Published On:Monday, 14 March 2016

Singer Arijit Singh in Guinness Book of World Records for typecasting songs

After Sonakshi Sinha, popular Bollywood Movie singer Arijit Singh has become a new Guinness Book of World Records title holder for typecasting all his songs. Official of Guinness Book of World Records told India Satire correspondent that Arijit Singh is an only singer since the inception of the earth who sings in one tone, one tune with no variations and no change in emotions.

"All his songs are similarly sang, only words change," said Alistair Richards, Global President Guinness Book of World Records "That day my dog started barking as the world was going to end in a minute or say, owls started crying in the day light, jackals started howling and donkeys braying which made me uncomfortable. When I closely noticed the reason I found out that my Indian neighbour family was listening to a song in which a guy was crying incessantly for some reason. After a long research, I found that Arijit Singh is a guy who sings for Bollywood in a specific typecast tone and his voice is used to threaten small kids in India."

Richards confirmed that it was great honour for him to see such a specific type of mammals available in the world who even could turn a happy tune into sad song.

"That's why we are going to honour him for his skills in singing," said Richards.

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