Published On:Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Almighty God working on creating pregnant man

​Despite years of efforts, almighty God couldn't reach to the solution of making man pregnant. According to God's office, God has put concerted efforts since 1000 centuries to work on making man pregnant, reducing pressure on woman in carrying a heavy 2-3kg of body in her stomach.

"These days with so much of junk food, the weight of new born is increasing fast in her stomach itself," said God's clerk Chitragupta "God knows this. There was a long pending demand from women to create man with a baby carrying capacity. Why only she face the brunt? God is also afraid of Trupti Desai who next time may raise this issue."

According to sources, God will need to make many biological changes which are highly complex and needs few of great scholars to take from earth. "It might be you. Nobody knows whom God will pull up from the earth," said Chitragupta "Ha ha."

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