Published On:Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Over-acting is the reason why Shahrukh Khan looks older than his age - says experts

After watching his new movie Fan, experts are now reached to a conclusion that Shahrukh Khan's over acting and not over activity is the main reason why he looks older than his age, his counter fellows and Dilip Kumar.

"His over expressions have created so many wrinkles on his face, more than my neighbour Pappu's shirt," said Komal Nahata, an expert in the Bollywood industry "Fan confirms his excessive over acting is the only reason why he looks like Dilip Kumar after 10 years."

Taran Adarsh, another Bollywood expert honestly accepted his fault which inspired Shahrukh to over act on screen. He candidly told India Satire correspondent that his 5 stars to Shahrukh's every crap movie has led to such disaster.

"I like over acting and bullshit on the screen. But I was not aware that Shahrukh will improve further and further in terms of over acting, taking cues from my reviews to his films. Today if I compare him with Pa, ah sorry what that strange animal called, R Balki oh no its Auro, Shahrukh looks older than him," confirmed Taran Adarsh.

Director Maneesh Sharma confirmed that if he had taken Kamaal R Khan (KRK) as a main actor of the film things would have been different.

"My movie could have been better, it would have been a big hit if I had taken a better looking KRK in my film," said Maneesh Sharma.

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