Published On:Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Americans undecided between Trump and Clinton want Modi to stand for US Presidency

As the US Presidential race nears its final showdown between the leading candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties, a section of the American people are still confused whom to support. While all the candidates have expressed a strong agenda and a desire to take America back on the growth path, something the common-man sorely desires; their indecision stems from the fact that they find certain observations rather unappealing about either candidate.

About Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been a successful businessman. Many critics point at his ventures that failed, forgetting that each businessman has his failures, which become his learning-steps. His clear-cut opinions and power of persuasive oratory has appealed with many Americans. Trump is also known for a rather flamboyant nature. His emotion-ridden outbursts have scored with a huge chunk of America's population, who have felt they got the short end of the stick due to the immigration and offshoring of the last few decades. However, certain remarks made by Trump have irked feathers. The grandson of immigrants himself, his comments on immigration were not been taken too well by many. Comments on a certain religion community also drew irk. The fear is that such comments will only further divide an already polarized society, especially after the US has had a history of controversial incidents involving certain communities in recent years. So there still remains a section which views him with skepticism for the presidency role, and these people are still hunting the alternatives.

About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been an accomplished lawyer and achieved several distinctions during the legal and political career. Critics view her as having grown on the back of her husband's achievements. But her career graph from the late-1960s shows she achieved her growth on her own steam. In her political career, she achieved invaluable experience in public service, foreign affairs and governance. But some Americans seem to feel her policies after becoming President may favour the big corporations since she received some donations from Wall Street people and speaking fees from Wall Street companies, and the common-man might just lose out, since what is good for the big corporations may not always be good for the common-man. Such people are still hunting for alternatives. There are also those who are skeptical of her classified email controversy, and also those gender-biased misogynist voters who abhor the idea of a woman governing them.

These Americans who are still undecided between Trump or Clinton seem to have found a new alternative, as unbelievable the alternative may sound. After his visits to USA as India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi seems to have struck a chord amongst such Americans. His pragmatic views and singular focus on execution to effect a turnaround in the India-story, while aligning large-scale initiatives to bring the most common of common-man in India within the economic process seem to have scored a hit with this section of the American public. If someone can execute complex projects to turnaround a democracy of ~1,250 million Indians, those Americans feel he is the best bet to execute a similar complex project to turnaround a democracy of ~320 million Americans. These Americans want Modi to stand for the US Presidency role, since they find in him a combination which can augur well for the fortunes of both the corporations and the common-man, which is what those Americans seem to want most at this time! While the US laws do not allow people born on foreign soil to stand for the Oval-office, they are nevertheless pondering on the alternative he could have been to Trump or Clinton!

(Story reported by our special correspondent Sourajit Aiyer)

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