Published On:Thursday, 7 July 2016

A government officer finishes all the levels of Angry Birds finally

​A head clerk (bade babu) of revenue department of India, Pappu Pandey finally finished all the levels of Angry Birds. Pappu started playing mobile game Angry Birds since its inception. However, due to complexities and difficulties of the game, it took many years of hard work to finish the last round of the game. This was second good news for Pappu after acceptance to implementation of 7
th Pay Commission recommendations. "Pappu had done real hard work. He never slept on his desk at the time of work unlike his colleagues just to complete each and every level of Angry Birds. It was his persistent efforts that finally he finished the final round," Kisen Kumar, a peon (chaprasi) of the revenue department of India who witnessed all the hard work of Pappu told India Satire correspondent "He burnt his ass to finish the game. Many of his colleagues stopped playing the game because of increasing difficulties at each and every levels but Pappu never gave up like Sultan. He just focused and finally completed the game. It is great news for him after Government of India announced implementation of 7th Pay Commission."

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