Published On:Thursday, 28 July 2016

Barkha Dutt thrashes her maid Rana for demanding her wig and make-up kit

​Top notched journalist Barkha Dutt with her secular fabric slapped and thrashed her kamwali bai Rana Bai for demanding her wig. Ms. Rana yesterday evening after Barkha came from her busy schedule asked to give her wig, which she wears in the NDTV programs. Already sucked up with so much of work, Barkha warned Rana to get back to her work or else would face bad consequences. However, adamant Rana kept demanding Barkha's wig and her make-up kit when the great secular journalist banged her head hard on the wall, slapped her, gave 2-3 punches before asking, is this make up ok?

Talking to India Satire correspondent, Rana said "I am working at Barkha's house as a kamwali bai since past 4-5 years. Mein sabhi bartan karti hu, kapde dhoti hu, jhaadu pocha bhi karti hu. I always liked her strange wig which she uses to hide her skull and wanted to wear once. Even her make-up kit is very good giving her beautiful tomboyish and intelligent look. Once I told her my obsession for her wig and make-up kit, she promised me that she will give me whenever I asked for it. So when first time I demanded she told me shut my f*cking mouth out and forget whatever she promised me. I again demanded my right for the wig. However, fearing of becoming bald she said I have no authority to ask her property. Now when yesterday I gave her final warning she just hit me hard. I also recalled her promise that she would take plebiscite of all other maids including our sweeper Ramu Bhaiya, watchman Bahadur Chacha and others on whom that wig looks better."

Talking about the entire incident, Barkha told India Satire correspondent that it was a planned conspiracy by her fellow journalist Sagarika Ghose who wanted her to be humiliated and embarassed in front of the country and claim the leading position of secular lady journalist.

Barkha confirmed that she slapped her maid and told India Satire correspondent "It was just an emotional outburst when I promised her which always comes after one or two patiyala pegs. Out of emotion, I told her that I will give her my wig and make up kit and it was not like a God's promise which has to be fulfilled. I swear Hafiz bhaiyya I wasn't wrong. She is paid by my neibhour Sagarika for creating unnecessary riots. Sagarika wants me to be thrown out of being a greatest secular lady journalist."

According to the sources, Rana filed a case in UNHRC against Barkha Dutt for violating human rights.

P.S.: After the incident, Barkha came back to her camera ranting against India to leave terrorists alone to kill fellow Indian citizens and listen to Janaab Hafiz Saeed.

(Fake News)

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