Published On:Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Government announces satire and fake news education program for fans and trolls

​After Twitter outbursts on the fake news of Arijit Singh by pathetic website The India Satire, the Government of India decided to play an important role in creating awareness for fun, fake news and satires in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally decided to design a program that will improve understanding of emotional fans and trolls towards humour and fake news.

"Usually Arijit likes to cry and complain while singing. He puts all his inner sadness even in a happy song, same thing shouldn't necessarily be applied by his fans. Now if somebody makes fun of his over tragic tone then what is the harm? When many people do that with Uday Chopra and Rahul Gandhi then these trolls laugh. So laughing on Rahul is ok but not on Arijit. Generally, fans don't understand that their favorite personality could have critics too. I found a series of tweets against the India Satire, one of the most third grade, childish and useless satire websites in the world. However, still I felt that the humour and fake news, which generally is a sarcastic view about event, person or any development in the country/world/planet/universe shouldn't come to danger. Therefore, I decided to personally look into the matters and design a program that will make them aware what exactly fake news is (a satirical/sarcastic stand/opinion)," said Prime Minister Narendra Modi who just came out of his busy cabinet reshuffling "However, first of all the educational program will focus on their English. When it is clearly mention that it is 'the India Satire' how it could be a real news on Arijit Singh. I also suggest satirists to put one sentence after every fake news 'Reading disclaimer is healthy for your bones and brains'."

After completing his urge to all the twitteraties and fans and trolls, Prime Minister Modi said "I always urged the nation to laugh out loud. Fun is a beautiful thing if you find it distasteful then let others laugh who might find it funny. A message to Arijit Singh as well, whatever your problem is, please discuss with me but for God's sake stop crying baby and reduce emotional pressure on us."

For reference of fake news and satires to Trolls and Fans of Arijit Singh, Prime Minister shared his favourite websites. Faking News and The Unreal Times.


(Disclaimer especially for Arijit's fans: Guys this is fake news so no need to ask PM Narendra Modi whether he said it or not. Satire/Fake news could be a sarcastic/satirical view about something. So be happy and enjoy reading jokes/humour/satire/sarcasm on others which you can tolerate and not on your favourite personalities where your generally open brains close.)

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