Published On:Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Journalists form new opposition party 'Media Party' to officially tackle Indian Government

​Indian main stream media (MSM) journalists decided to form a new opposition political party to officially bout the policies of Indian Government. Esteemed journalists such as Rajdeep Sardesai, Pranoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose and Arnab Goswami came together in a joint summit with a topic of discussion "Why Can't Media Replace Congress Party" in New Delhi. The summit discussed the Congress free India and its impact on the secular structure of the country.

"India's secular structure will collapse if we will see Congress free Bharat," said Arnab Goswami "No Muslim supports terrorism and I am firm."

Another impactful journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai said "I am bored with veiled attack on the government and especially Narendra Modi. Although, I like to maintain the fabric of secularism, the main intention remains pulling down BJP. Now I want it to do officially. Officially pull out Modi from his chair, take revenge of Burhan's death by reinstating secularism and asks Hafiz bhai sit on PM's chair. But all these things are not possible if we officially don't get involve as an opposition party. I put a resolution in front of everybody to create new opposition party which will fill up Congress Party. What do you say guys?"

Not many could say no to him. Another extremely kind and generous journalist, Barkha Dutt whose suggestions if Government takes worth of consideration will stop terrorism immediately, nodded her head in an agreement at least 1000 times in a fraction of minute.

"Wow! Rajdeep you still have intelligent brain even after marrying Sagarika," Barkha said "Even I couldn't have thought that deeply as you thought. I think this political party would be named as 'Media Party'."

In a final decision, all journalists with few important conditions agreed to create a new opposition party.

In a media briefing, Barkha said "We will fight for next elections. But no matter what happens how many seats we get, we will never try to be in government as we don't know how to work but our forte is to criticize. We will keep opposition members on rotational basis, if BJP forms a government then likes of me, Rajdeep and Sagarika will lead while when Congress forms the government then Arnab and Zee news will lead the Media Party."

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