Published On:Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Latest Bad, Abusive, Cursing Words of twenty first century

​South Asian Humor: Bhishma Kukreti

After visiting my native village in Garhwal, I knew hundred of new sayings, phrases and especially 'Gali' (abusive words) emerged recently in India.

New technology brings comforts, new soothing and brings new bad word uses too. New government social schemes bring basic facility facilitations, improved standard of living and abusive words in the society too. New political culture creates new social classes, new social rituals and new cursing methods too.

Now days, new culture of past aged bad, abusive and swearing words have gone on backyard and newer version of cursing words are flourishing on front courtyard.

In past, somebody's cattle went to other's crop field, the victim used swearing words as, "Your cattle will catch paw epidemics and die there."

Now, in village, the victim profanities, "I pray from goddess! Your cattle bought under scheme die and you don't get subsidies on cattle loan"

Loan has become a way of earning, increasing income and for leisure not only for Vijay Mallya, Ambanis but for villagers too. Now, on any village street you may hear these cursing words, "O God! She doesn't get free loan! You don't get loan for opening shop in the name of marrying daughter! You don't get loan for marrying your son in the name of canal construction!" and many more.

Medical service was important in Harappa civilization, was important in Aurangzeb time and is important in Modi time too. 108 number is for calling medical van in rural India. In Indian Himalayan states, 108 service is very important service. Many lives and deaths depend on arrival or non arrival of 108 vans in time. Now, this word is used as 'gali' or cursing word too as "ja! bar  bagt par tere liye 108 punchar ho jay !'. (I curse you that at very important time, 108 get punctured for you). 108 van is also being used other way too, "tere liye 108 aye (You die!).

In villages, people get various subsidies and direct money under various schemes. There are now ten of cursing words in uses "ja tujhe BPL card na Mile! (You don't get below poverty line card, Ja tujhe Manrega card na mile (You don't get MANREGA facilities)  tu MANREGA me pakda jay (I pray you you are caught in MANREGA fraud)  or You never get senior citizen pension" etc. 

The technologies are bringing new version of bad words, abusing words or cursing words too. "ja tere ko kabhi tower na mile ( You never get mobile signal!), Your electricity wire gets fire, Your Adhar Card gets illegal etc.

Political changes also bringing new profanity words as, "You become Lalu Yadav !(get caught in corruption), Be Rajiv Gandhi !(Get useless son) or You ! Be Advani !(Sow the seeds but don't get harvesting opportunity )"

Religious leaders, old Cultural protectors and Central minister Mahesh Sharma don't like new cultural changes but certainly they use latest insulting words, bad words and cursing words.  Satirist, wit creators and humorists are always in search for new changes, new insulting criteria and new cursing words. However, I bless you for forever getting witty humor from me!


Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 2016

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