Published On:Monday, 29 August 2016

Poverty is the sole Mother of Cooperation

​South Asian Humor: Bhishma Kukreti

Everyone talks seven times a day, "In old age, we were very cooperative, in old age, we and our neighbors were very cooperative and presently, even working wife does not cooperate with her husband"

Don't you think that the correct sentence would be, "Since, we were poor we were more cooperative and then, we were slightly richer we became lesser cooperative and now, we are slightly more rich we needn't be cooperative at all."

I heard a Himalayan folk story that seven brothers found sesame seed and divided the seed and only six could get the seed portion. Six brothers brought wife for seventh brother in place of seed portion. Weakness, deficiency or poverty force human for becoming cooperative.

I renamed yesterday, day before yesterday and past era as 'Poor Day', 'Poorer Day' and 'Scarcity Era'. 

In old age or poor days in Indian villages, when there was marriage, the villagers used to collect  the newer mat from him, newer bed sheet from other him and newer cot from her for groom and pundit sitting. In marriage, the villagers used to offer second grade mats, bed sheets and cots to groom father, groom maternal uncle and other VIP guests. Villagers used to offer third grade or poverty era cots to common guests. All the materials including utensils were collected from all the families. Today, you buy, you hire or you get loan from banks for buying marriage goods.

In poverty or scarcity era, villagers used to keep the 'Seer Pgari, Jhalar mala,Achkan' etc  for groom intact at least for  twenty years. On scarcity era, bride was cheaper than 'Groom Pagri, Mukut, Achkan etc. Poverty, patchiness and paucity compel the people becoming cooperative.

Forget the scarcity era when your coat was common property for villagers. Remember the latest poorer period, when in a locality of city and towns and in a train compartment; fifty families used to read a newspaper. In a village, you brought a lantern and the lantern used to become village cooperative property for social events and you buy a newspaper in bus, the newspaper used to become common property for all passengers including conductor. Today, nobody likes borrowing newspaper because everybody can buy newspaper.

When there was poverty for Jansangha (BJP), Communist parties and Mulayam's Samajvadi Party they used to have collation government or they had cooperation. In those poverty days, Jansangha (BJP), Communist parties and Mulayam's Samajvadi parties were below poverty line than the Congress party and they used to form collation governments. Today or non poverty day; Jansangha (BJP), Communist parties and Mulayam's Samajvadi Party are richer than Congress and BJP became an untouchable political party for Communist parties and Mulayam's Samajvadi Party. Richness destroys cooperation. 

Today or in non scarcity era; when we talk about cooperation that means there is deficiency among stakeholders. When China and India sign a pact that means there are deficiencies in both the sides. Cooperation means filling the deficiency.

Do you agree that the cooperation is the symbol of poverty? Do you agree that scarcity, poverty or fearfulness is the sole mother cooperation?  I am sure you agree.


Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 2016

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