Published On:Friday, 5 August 2016

Zika Virus found in the brain of terrorist - Study

​At least one Zika virus each found in the brain of terrorist, said a study conducted by independent terror scientific and development agency called Intellect and Terror Tie Up & Scientific Development (ITTSD). According to the study which was co-authored by Indian intellects and Indian as well as globally renowned terrorist scientists, concluded that every single brain of a terrorist has a Zika virus which constantly moves in the brain and gives all the potential reason to explode with some bomb or artillery gun.

"I personally opened few brains in Kashmir and recently in Assam. I found average 1-2 zikas in them," a journalist with scientist brain Barkha Dutt confirmed "Globally, the levels of availability of Zikas are around 1-2 only. I found them attractive and beautiful."

The study also confirmed that intellect brains with humanitarian terror mindsets also carry few zika viruses in their brains.

"That I don't know how much Zikas my brain carries," Barkha told India Satire correspondent "I have seen brains of terrorists and not mine. However, it may be true as the study confirmed. That's why my brain witnesses slight moment of something whenever I hear Burhan Wani's name."


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