Published On:Monday, 12 September 2016

A couple of Notable Changes in Mumbai

​South Asian Humor: Bhishma Kukreti

Bombay had been changing slowly in past, Mumbai is changing fast and Mumbai will change faster. I shall write about a couple of remarkable changes.

Comrade Shripad Amrit Dange blamed regularly Bombay Municipal Corporation for corruption. Dange's daughter Roza Deshpande blamed regularly Bombay Municipal Corporation for corruption. Now, Comedian Kapil Sharma criticizing grafts, bribes and corruption in Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The biggest change is now; Bombay is Mumbai and not Bombai too. Every Indian is proud that for changing slavery, foreign Bombay into Desi word Mumbai.

Indian People are proud that another slavery symbol Victoria Terminus is now pure Desi railway station Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Though, people are proud changing VT into CST but every railway commuter speaks it VT and not CST. You can change government, government records but not people's habits.

On municipal, state government and central government records, hundreds of roads in Mumbai with British names have been changed by Hindustani names. However, people did not change and they speak frequently for places by old British names. New Queens's road is now Mama Parma Nand Marg, Lamington Road is now Kailashvasi Dr. Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar Marg and Jacob Circle is now Sant Ghadge Maharaj Chawk but people speak New Queens's road, Lamington road and Sat Rasta respectively. The road name should be small for changing people habits. 

There are other changes from language and Hindustani spirit point of view.

Bombay Municipal Corporation school teachers and non teaching staffs used to send their children to Bombay Municipal Corporation schools for study. Now, Mumbai Municipal Corporation school teachers and non teaching staffs never send their children to Mumbai Municipal Corporation schools. Mumbai Municipal Corporation school teachers and non teaching staffs send their children to convent or private English schools. The people claim that Bombay Municipal schools had high education standard and Mumbai Municipal schools have poorest education standard.

In Bombay Era, living in Chaul or Jhuggi was an embarrassing position and living in four –five story building was a great pride. Now, in Mumbai Era, living in four –five story building is embarrassing. Pride shifted to living in towers in Mumbai.

In Bombay, barring British government buildings, the names for private buildings were in Hindustani. Now, in Mumbai, the private building names are in foreign languages. Politicians, social activists and media are shouting for changing from English name roads to Hindustani names. Hindustani builders are naming for new buildings in foreign languages. British people were unhappy for changes for road names but are happier on seeing English name for each Mumbai tower or building.  

 In Bombay, Nav Bharat Times an old Hindi daily newspaper used to criticize sharply for English vocabulary uses in various areas. In Mumbai Era, barring Hindi voices and prepositions, NBT uses only English words in each sentence and not Hindi words.  In Bombay, it was Ravivariya Nav Bharat Times. In Mumbai, it is now Sunday NBT.

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