Published On:Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Chanakya! You were wrong

South Asian Humor: Bhishma Kukreti

The recent Pak sponsored attack on Indian Army in Uri did not saddened me, whenever, Pak sponsored terrorists will attack on India will not worry me much but the way my Indian fellows commenting on Uri attack is the most worrisome for all Indians.  The job of scorpion is to bite, Pakistan job is to make trouble for India but Indians duty is uniting before all odds. However, many Indians useless intellectuals, many useless Indian seculars and most of opportunistic opposition political parties are behaving anti Indian or pro Pakistan stances. Media is also behaving imbalance.

Indians perceive that Chanakya is the father of teaching politics, diplomacy and foreign policies. If it is true, then Chanakya was absolutely wrong. Chanakya taught us that whenever, there is external trouble for the country; when there is foreign fear; the countrymen should forget all the differences for uniting themselves. However, Indians are fighting for scoring for settling their grievances with the government. Chanakya! You were wrong as Congress party statements about Uri attack and other statement show that Congress party is not interested in India's defense but are interested in damaging the BJP image. Chanakya! You were wrong on teaching us that we should unite at the time of external fear.

Chanakya! Your teaching was also wrong that at the time of attack from enemy we should speak a single voice. Chanakya! Your advices fit to sensible, sensitive and average human beings. Chanakya! Our politicians as Sharad Panwar is not sensitive when he connected Pakistan attack with secularism. Chanakya! Our politicians as BSP spokesperson Sudhindra Bhadoria is not sensible when he related Pakistan attack with North East unrest. Chanakya! Our politicians are not average as Communist party related Pak attack with Kashmir people agony.

Chanakya! You taught us that all elite, political class and average countrymen should speak in single voice against the enemy. Chanakya! You have been proved wrong for two thousand years of Indian history and now, twenty first century is also proving that your teachings were not for Indians but for foreigners. Chanakya! Have you heard the statement of so called useless intellectual Sudheendra Kulkarni, who advised Indians first to solve Kashmir problem then r defuse the Pak sponsored terrorism. Pakistan and separatists want free Kashmir and useless intellectual Kulkarni advises us for solving Kashmir problem. Chanakya! Have you imagined on your time that there would be time when an Indian will support enemy? Chanakya! If we would have learnt from you we would have not been slave for so many centuries. 

Chanakya! BJP the stern supporter of Indians scholars as you is also not clean, virtuous or sinless in dealing enemies at the time of need. Narendra Modi made mockery of our foreign policy at the time of general election. In election rallies, his Biryani jibe against Manmohan Singh got claps, claps and votes.  Modi is harvesting what he sowed and not Pakistan but Indians are injuring India.   

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 28th September 2016

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