Published On:Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Sorry! Belching, Burping Culture is ending

​South Asian Humor:
Bhishma Kukreti

Ages before, belching culture took birth and flourished for hundreds of years and this century will see the death of belching, burping culture. Belching end is so sad, so heart touching for old generation and so pleasant some for modern men.

One of my oldest childhood memories is watching and hearing belching. I remember Ghanna Dada the famous belcher of my region. Ghanna Nand Dada Ji was a prosperous man of my village.  After every meal Ghanna Dada used to blench so loudly that village women used to call their children, husband or guests, "Listen …! It is time for meal as Ghanna Sasur Ji has already belched thrice."

Dunkur Singh Tau Ji was another great belcher, louder than Ghana Dada. However, being a Rajput, he had to burp less loudly than Ghanna Dada because Ghanna Dada was a Brahmin. There were stories in my village that in childhood, Dunkur Singh Tau Ji used to blench louder than Ghanna Dada.  However, village Brahmin community did not allow the louder blench by a Rajput and threatened Dunkur Singh's father for expelling from community (Hukka Pani Band) if Dunkur Singh did not lower his burping loudness than Ghanna Nand. Belching, burping loudness was the identity of prosperity, the caste position and the person with filled stomach fully. I did not remember any woman belching so loudly as men.

In every feast, Pundits used to take meal before others. After finishing meal, there used to be competition for belching, burping among Pundits. Loud belching means big positioned Pundit.

In Shradh or other occasion, if Pundit did not belch; my grandmother used to ask Pundit if he did not had full meal. Belching loudly by Pundits was the symbol of tasty food, spicy food and fulfilled stomach.

I don't remember a Shilpkar belching louder than a child. Poor shilpkars never had their stomach filled fully and was impossible for them belching ever.

After coming to Dehradun, my seniors taught me never belching before anybody as it was uncivilized manner. From then, I stopped belching before others even in severe pain of not belching. I go washroom for belching.

Now, belching before other is uncivilized culture. My sons, daughter in laws and even Lalu Prasad Yadav don't belch openly. Nobody wants to be called as uncivilized Indian. 

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 14th September 2016

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