Published On:Thursday, 10 November 2016

CNBC TV18 to fit a hidden camera in front of Ashwani Gujral to get a straight look of his face

Reacting to a popular request of viewers since years, business news channel CNBC TV18 has decided to put a hidden camera in front of a top rated equity analyst, Ashwani Gujral to get a straight view of his face. According to the news channel, people are restless to see the perfectly straight look of Ashwani Gujral, who looks everywhere else other than into the eyes of camera.

"Many of them called us told that if we don't show Ashwani Gujral's face, we will kill ourselves," Latha Venkatesh, news anchor of CNBC TV18 confirmed "People are less interested these days about SP Tulsian than guessing how exactly Ashwini looks when he watches camera."

India Satire sources told that CNBC TV18 production team had tried to convince Ashwani Gujral to show his face. The source told that the channel tried everything possible to take Ashwini on board however, he was adamant about looking at camera.

"Therefore we decided to fit a button camera in the lap top, so that we could get a full frontal view of Ashwani Gujral's face," Anuj Saxena, another TV anchor told India Satire correspondent.

According to the source, not just viewers but the news anchors of CNBC TV18 are excited to watch Ashwani Gujral who sometimes gives market calls watching at roof or behind his back.

A news anchor Sonia Shenoy told India Satire correspondent "I am keen to see him how he looks. I am already a fan of his clothes. Now watching his face will be exciting."

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