Published On:Sunday, 25 December 2016

Does Rahul Gandhi know the Spelling of Marketing?

South Asian Humor: Bhishma Kukreti

In Garhwali language, there is a phrase, "Guni apn poonchh dikhud ni ar Bandarau jun buldo taiko poonch lambo". That means the black face monkey (langoor) does not watch his long tail and criticizes the monkey for its tail. Same way, the politicians abuse marketing through criticizing Modi's marketing methods. 

When the politicians abuse marketing I smile, I laugh on them and also feel irritation. Every politician does marketing and Modi's opponents Modi criticize marketing too. This is nothing but ridiculous paradox.

If I ask Rahul Gandhi "What is marketing", Rahul Baba would answer that propaganda is marketing, publicity is marketing and calling crowd is marketing. A senior Congress spokesperson called Modi as a great even manager. If I am not wrong Yadava King Akhilesh also criticized Modi for his marketing.

Rahul criticizes marketing, RaGa Gangs criticize Modi way of marketing and marketing personnel are writing reams and reams on Modi principles of marketing, branding and publicity.  

Does Rahul know that it is nothing but marketing when there are his posters on Mumbai highways.

Does Akhilesh know that it is nothing but marketing when Mulayam Singh Yadav used to advertise on TV channels modeled by Amitabh Bachchan 'U.P. me Crime Kam ho gaya', though, it was the worst marketing of the decade because it did not have substance and news worthiness.

Do Congressmen know that naming National Park, Mumbai as 'Sanjay Gandhi Rastriya Udyan' is nothing but branding of Nehru Gandhi family? I still read history books for finding out the contribution of Sanjay Gandhi for protecting forest and environment. Nobody knows the reason behind naming a forest and zoo in the name   of Sanjay Gandhi. Perhaps the monkeys, crocodiles and pigeons of that park would know better than me for the contribution of Sanjay Gandhi for protecting extinct animal species, wild animals and forests.

Marketing means communication for convincing something, making an image in other's minds and making a perception. Every politician communicates through different means for making an image. Sorrowful thing is that same politicians those visit 'Dalit Families' criticize marketing. Visiting a Dalit Family and showing it on TV channels is nothing but marketing for creating Dalit caring politician image.

Politics is nothing but individualized marketing and no politician should criticize marketing in the name of Modi.

Lalu Yadav and Arvind Kejariwal do not criticize Modi for marketing because Lalu and Kejriwal are better marketers than Modi. The best marketer spends the least and gains the heights in marketing just by making news.


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