Published On:Tuesday, 18 April 2017

5 important steps to make your mind to work on losing your weight

The India Satire brings you 5 effective steps which will make your mind on rigorously implementing weight loss program. Enlarge the font, take a print out of these 5 steps and put it everywhere.

Following are five steps:

1.      First accept it fully that you are fat and not overweight right here. Remove the word overweight from your dictionary.

2.      Stop trusting Bollywood movie in which the actor makes you believe that you look beautiful even you are fat and the person who will loves you even if you are fat. All these things are lie. First you look very bad or say ugly if you are fat and second the person who loves you even if you are fat must either have some problems in his brain or must have some vested interest. Only trust those who remind you about your size and shape everyday and every minute.

3.      Join Swadeshi Jagran Manch so that you will stop eating foreign junk food. Foreign junk food is best to feed your enemy so that he will become lethargic and less effective. I have done that and saw tremendous positive effects in my life. This step will not just reduce your weight but also save huge currency flowing out of the country. It will help Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plan to reduce outflow of currency. Start taking pride of saving huge foreign currency.

4.      Try to connect with a stray dog from the neighborhood early in the morning at 5.00 am. He will help you lose your weight faster than anybody else, including cardio.

5.      World is full of ridiculous enemies. Trust them they want you to step fat and ugly every day and every minute in the name of friendship. They are conspiring against you so that you remain fat till your rest of the life. You have to revolt against all of this. Now and at this point of time.

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