Published On:Thursday, 20 April 2017

5 things to do before using Snapchat

The India Satire brings you 5 most important things to do before using Snapchat.

Following are five things to do

1.      First, install it give one star say whatever patriotic you want to say then uninstall and again install it as you still can't imagine spending your college life without Snapchat. Also hide that app somewhere in your mobile away from your Pappa/Daddy who just recently uninstalled it and have a single rating.

2.      Understand one thing; you are using Snapchat that means you are younger than users of Whatsapp by heavy margin and older than users of You Tube. Therefore whatever you say and whatever you post exposes you to the grim reality of being considered as over smart or extremely stupid. Therefore, keep ready to yourself for tight rope walk of balancing under age and over age.

3.      Before any snap, ask yourself whether you deserve to be viewed by public at large or your face is going to create nuisance for the eyes of your beloved. Also understand one thing that you are eligible to post your photos doesn't mean you started looking handsome /beautiful and you will her/his heart. Chances of creating a love story on Snapchat are as remote as Evan Spiegel's expansion of Snapchat in poor countries like India and Spain.

4.      Your family and friends every day in person tolerates you. That doesn't mean you come to their dreams as horror sequences. Understand one thing, limit your participation, else Trump will come.

5.      You got the camera doesn't mean do whatever you want. Be a neat and clean guy/girl. Take a bath every day, brush your teeth and put some talcum powder on your face so that people will not feel the day passed by was truly bad.

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