Published On:Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Cabinet clears Rs 3500 crore proposal to buy paper weights

New Delhi: India's Cabinet committee cleared a proposal to buy paperweights of Rs 3500 crore today. The government decided to procure all the paperweights in India itself under its flagship make in India program, a brain child of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. All the paperweights will be distributed among Indian bureaucrats in next one year. 

"They are very useful. We can put them on papers to keep pressure on them. They also indicate work could be postponed but life can't. During the hours of boredom officer or clerks can play 'catch' 'catch' with their fellow officials or colleagues. They could also help junior staff to express his anger. Paper weight is therefore makes workplace exciting," India's Finance Minister confirmed the India Satire correspondent "We will keep transparency in the transaction and will buy designer paperweights at very low cost under the make in India program."

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