Published On:Monday, 17 April 2017

Donald Trump alleges God for commoditizing intellect

Just before making H1-B Visa norms more stringent, US President Donald Trump finally asked God why he had commoditized brain. He told in a packed hall that he certainly dare God that had he been not commoditized brain the whole universe wouldn't have faced such a big embargo of working in the US.

"God, I want to ask you that had you been kept our IQ at par with at least Combodians though not of Indians, did we dare to take such steps. But you took sides. You allow Indians to learn to educate more and to take technologies at that levels where even a single American you will not get who can do that work. A CIA report on my table suggested that you secretly joined hands with Indians and helped them decide what they should learn to take over jobs of Americans. You took sides God and today I challenge you to stop me from taking sides with Americans. It is because you that I am going to take such drastic measures which will reduce the high demand for H1-B visa holder as a most suitable marriage candidate. I have no plan to improve basic post school education of Americans but have a plan that whether or not they are educated or not, they will have work. Will they have courage to type anything on the keyboard will not be a reason for them not getting salaries. This is my promise to you. Today, I am inspired by India's cashless economy drive and is on the verge of creating a system of workless salaries for Americans. I challenge you to stop giving me the Americans free money," Donald Trump addressed the nation in that speech.

Excited with the idea of workless salaries, Americans applauded with "Hey Donald, hey Trump."

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