Published On:Monday, 3 July 2017

GST Confusion

South Asian Humor, Hilarity, Satire: Bhishma Kukreti

Like, there were death of Excise, Custom, Sales Tax and Octori and other entry taxes at 12PM on 30th June. However, nobody offered condolences, not even from Rahul Gandhi who foolishly does so.

Like, old taxes died and a newly born GST was seen as hope for Indians. 

Like, it is a game of politics that those were (BJP) opposing GST a couple of years back now, are the carriers and those parties were stern supporters are opposing GST launch from Parliament house. Like, the GST vociferous supporter economist and Finance Minister of West Bengal slammed Modi government for launching GST at this time. Is it political opportunism, deviousness or clear compulsiveness to oppose or support beneficial concept by Indian politicians?

Like, Lord Krishna was born in midnight and GST is also born in Midnight in Parliament the Badrinath –Kedarnath Dham of Indian democracy. Lord Krishna killed demons as Putna, Kansh and many demons; Indian citizens hope GST will kill red tapes, harassment to businessmen and corruption.

Like, Trinmul Congress, Congress and Left parties are opposing GST launch because the administration is not fully ready. Administration was not ready when Mod Vat and then Vat were introduced in India. Many teething problems are solved by time and not by laws.

Like, opposition parties are not opposing GST launch but are opposing GST Carnival in Parliament house. As a marketing person, my whole hearted support is for Modi for making GST launch as if new planet coming to the earth. Making GST launch a big event means involving all to understand GST.

Marketing is nothing but changing hurdles into opportunities. There was confusion with Modern Retail outlets as Vijay sales, Big Bazar or Vivek  about stock that whether they will get credit for VAT or not. Instead of crying, those outlets started offering schemes as if GST will make goods dearer by 100%. Now, retailers are virtually stockless.

Like, there is confusion about GST there is confusion for Rjanikanth entering into politics. There will be clear clarity in August for the both.

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, June30, 2017

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