Published On:Thursday, 13 July 2017

New Proverbs For Your Consumption

South Asian humor, Hilarity, Satire: Bhishma Kukreti

Every new invention, discovery, propaganda brings new proverbs. Some die within minutes a, same die after some time and only couple among thousands proverb remain for hundred years in practice.

Many proverbs emerged in recent past, recently and I will tell you about some.

The Fenku and Pappu will remain at least till Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi remain rivals. Fenku (exaggerator) and Pappu (Foolish or innocent) are not new proverbs for India. Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi provided strong images to Fenku and Pappu words.

Not to say much about Advani an 'Atript Atma' or quenchless soul. 

In a couple of sales meet, I heard the boss was shouting," Don't speak at a time, don't create chaos and don't make my meeting Indian Parliament." I pray from God,  "I hope this proverb will die shortly."

In past, accountants used to talk, "Have you tallied accounts?" Now, 'Tally' does not mean tallying the figures but it means 'Have you punch the figures in 'Tally' software"

Habitually, Indians mix lot of English words with  their languages and vernacular periodicals are using English words more than language words. Indians did not use English verbs in their language. However, now, everywhere you will hear the word 'SEND" as 'send kar diya', 'send kele' or 'send thai gayo'. After popularity of Internet e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp, 'SEND' word became a noun for Indians and meaning remains sending only.

 'Bhakta' means devotee and is common noun. In past, people used to say for A.R.Antule, Gundu Rao, Sathe as Sanjay Bhakta, India Gandhi Bhakta or Sonia Bhakta. However, now, Indians especially Congressmen made 'Bhakta' word as proper noun and now, 'Bhakta' means Modi Devotee. On social media, you will find sentences as 'What 'Bhakta' will say about Amarnath Yatra attack?, Bhakto! What do you say for china encroachment or Bhakto! What are your views on Wine on Mobile van in Uttarakhand?"

Proverbs come, some stay and most of them wipe out with time. However, I am hopeful 'Satirize as Bhishma Kukreti satirizes' proverb will remain forever.

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, July 12th 2017

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