Published On:Thursday, 21 September 2017

Donald Trump Challenges Kim Jong-Un In Open Sumo Wrestling Fight

US President, Donald Trump finally challenged North Korea's head Kim Jong-Un in an open fight of sumo wrestling in a last attempt to save the world from a big human loss. To save the world, both will fight in WWE ring and would try to eliminate each other from this deadly earth and will save the world from getting into deadly combat. Kim Jong-Un has accepted the challenge while Trump has shown his excitement.

"This deadly battle is to save the planet from a full scale war between countries and loss of millions of precious humane life. Fight between us will decide the fate of the earth, who will conquer the world and who will be eliminated," said Donald Trump "I have been secretly training for past 3-4 months. First I will eliminate Kim and thereafter Pakistan's Prime Minister."

The world which is abuzz with what will happen if US and North Korea fight together showed a sigh of relief and waiting for the day when the chances of full scale nuclear war will totally be eliminated.

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