Published On:Sunday, 24 September 2017

Forbidden Millets

South Asian Humor, Hilarity, Satire: Bhishma Kukreti

My grandson asked me, "Grandpa! Have you ever tasted millets?"

I answered, "Yes! What happened?

Grandson- Yesterday, in school, my friend living on twenty first floor offered us a very small loath of finger millet bread, day before another friend living on fiftieth floor offered us each a half a spoon of  Bajra mixed Khichdi  and long back, very rich friend offered us  quarter a spoon barnyard millet Kheer. Have you tasted millet ever?

I-I tasted varieties of millets and recopies and I know cooking varieties of millets.

Grandson- How comes?

I-Because, I was then in Garhwal and every farmer used to cultivate finger millet, two three varieties of barnyard millets and cultivated barley too.

Grandson-Then, why don't you buy millets for us these days? Every friend owning three cars tell me that human being should eat only millets instead of rice and wheat

I-We are poor and can't afford millets.

Grandson- Were you rich when you used to eat millets in Garhwal, Himalayas?

I- On the contrary, we were poor farmers and our livelihood depended on millets and barleys only. We could afford rice and wheat on festive seasons only.

Grandson- What?

I-No son! On those days, rich people used to take rice and wheat and poor used to take millets and barleys.

Grandson- But why don't you buy millets and barleys now?

Me- -Because we are poor. Barnyard millet is more than hundred and twenty per Kilo and same is the case with finger millet floor. We can buy five times more quantity of rice and wheat at the cost of millets and barley

Grandson- It means in your childhood, you could not afford rice and wheat as you can't afford today, millets.


Grandson- Why don't you call millets from Garhwal from our ancestor village?

Me- Dear! It is pity situation in Garhwal. We farmers growing millets migrated to cities and nobody grow anything in Garhwal villages. Now, doctors are advising that we should eat millets but we can't afford and there nobody is for growing millets in Garhwal. 

Grandson - Let us return back village for growing millet.


Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, 2017

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