Published On:Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sanyasi turned Politicians

South Asian humor, Hilarity, Satire: Bhishma Kukreti

Before Ram Mandir agitation, less was heard sanyasi turning into politics. After Ram Mandir agitation, many sanyasis turned into politics. Some failed instantly, some remain politicians for some time but later lost into their Ashram and very few became successful politicians.

My image about sanyasi was different when I saw Sannyasin Ritambara on TV news channels. My image for sannyasin was poise, peaceful, glowing woman blessing as Buddha blesses by right hand to disciples and preaching them in sober language but Ritambara was always showing her right hand index finger in rage, red hot face with lot of rage against Congress. I could never digest her as Sannyasin.

I could never digest   a Sanyasi turned politician Sakshi Maharaj as Sanyasi.

I always admire Swami Agnivesh as true sanyasi telling the truth in TV channels as if Vyas Rishi was preaching Duryodhan for being righteous King. No political party likes over blunt Sanyasi and for that matter Duryodhan too ever liked the truth speaking sanyasis because politics is different that truth telling profession.

No Shankaracharya entered into politic but always, every Shankaracharya is  affiliated with a political party. Jayalalitha put Kanchi  Shankaracary into jail too. Shankaracharyas feel that they are as Imam in status but thank god no Shankaracharya announced 'political fatva' as many Imams did.

Shri Shri Ravi Shankar is Sanyasi and has inclination towards BJP as Arnab, Rajat Sharma (India TV) and Times Now has clear cut affiliation towards ruling party.

From any angle, neither married man Satpal Maharaj (Uttarakhand minister and ex-Congressman) nor Brahmachari Yogi Adityanath look sanyasis. Physically Yogi Adityanath looks as Sanyasi but never behaved as true sanyasi. In past, words of Yogi were as good as dangerous fire and not of true Sanyasi. I will not write against both of them as they are from my Garhwali community.

A failure minister Uma Bharti never behaves as a true Sannyasin.

There have been never ending discussion whether Church Father, Imams or Ulemas and  Sannyasi should come into active politics or not. However, people agree  that all politicians should behave as true Sanyasi.           

Copyright Bhishma Kukreti, July, 17, 2017

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