Published On:Sunday, 24 September 2017

Things I don’t like on Facebook

South Asian Humor, Hilarity, Satire: Bhishma Kukreti

Today is Sunday means unproductive working day that means home work without salary. I like Sunday but don't like work without payment.

I don't like Facebook friends tagging me for showing their photos showing tooth brushing, eating or sitting

I don't like Facebook literature creative friends tagging me and instead of any writing they post their photos.

I don't like Facebook friends tagging me for their political affiliated post. Not because that I don't like political post but if I comment oppositely Those hurt friends take revenge and comment with nasty words on poems by other poets that I circulated on Facebook.

I don't like Facebook poets tagging me expecting praiseworthy comments and when I tag them they don't respond on my writing or post.

I don't like Facebook members commenting on natural disaster as if it was done by ruling party. 

I don't like fake news on Facebook but political or religious affiliated members always are busy in posting fake news.

I like well wishes but I don't like Facebook friends posting ten well-wishing messages on my wall, on my message box and then on WhatsApp too

I don't like post about caring parents posted by friends on Facebook or WhatsApp and in reality they don't keep their parents with them or don't treat their parents well.

I don't like inspiring quotes from those who are young and don't have any experience for what they are posting.

I don't like friends tagging me for same post in all Facebook groups.

I don't like Facebook friends who claim that they know everything about me.

I don't like Facebook friends asking me how I am through chatting message box.

I don't like same news being posted by tens of Facebook friends from morning till night on my wall. 

I don't like Good Morning, Good Noon, Good Evening and Good night posts on Facebook and WhatsApp too.

I don't like that I open Facebook or WhatsApp but Facebook and WhatsApp are consuming my major time.

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, 2017

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