Published On:Monday, 25 September 2017

Today, we will talk only Positive Side of Rahul Gandhi and opposition

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After so many decades, my mother knew that I write satirical articles or Chaakhnyau. She asked me stop writing satire as for satire creation a person has to look into negative side and show dirt as to write negative about innocent boy Rahul Gandhi,. She made me understand that a satirist (Chakhnyaurya) makes blameless Rahul as fool, unwise and a villain. She asked at least on Tuesday (Hanuman Day) I should write positive.

So, today, I shall offer you positive side.

Positive side is that Rahul Gandhi visited Dwaraka Hindu temple. I shall not tell negative about Rahul Gandhi that it is too late as Congress is already slated anti Hindu party. I shall also not tell negative about Rahul that his all postures especially when he gives lectures to farmers and laborers are humorous and not of a strong leader postures.

Day by day, Modi is becoming more powerful and no alternate for Modi is there in national scene. I will not tell you that more than Mamata, Mayavati and Akhilesh, top BJPmen are worried that they have to bow before Modi.

Right wing intellectuals are   happy that slowly, right wing thinkers are occupying at influential places as Universities, newspapers and other institutions. I shall not tell you the negative points that left wing intellectuals those were occupying influential positions are irritated, frustrated and want to do suicide that now, they have to work hard for their livelihood. I shall not tell negative point that left wing intellectuals had wrong notion that they only have birth right to be at influential positions.

Good point is that by seculars showing sympathy with Rohingya Muslim refugees , Indian citizens came to know that secular politicians have soft heart for humanity. Otherwise, common perception was that politicians are heartless, don't believe in humanity. I will not tell you negative side that seculars strongly sympathizing Rohingya Muslims are provoking majority Hindus and polarizing the nation.

I shall not also talk about appeasing Muslims by Mamata Banerjee.    

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