Published On:Sunday, 24 September 2017

United Nations General Assembly arranges special session to laugh on Pakistan's allegations on India

New York: All 193 member countries of General Assembly of United Nations (UNGA), except Pakistan have decided to meet and laugh out loud (lol) like crazy on the recent terror allegations levelled by Pakistan on India. All the member countries will meet just after concluding the current official session of UN and will try to elope their laugh hidden in their tummy after Pakistan said India was mother of terrorism and showed pellet gun victim of Gaza instead of so-called Kashmir victims.

Secretary-General of UN, António Guterres confirmed the special arrangement of such kind of session where the member countries will be allowed to laugh out loud for at least one hour and let them free of any stuck up issues before they return back to their respective nations.

"It was funny when Pakistan's permanent representative to the UN Maleeha Lodhi goofed up at UN showing Gaza image that of a Kashmiri girl. She also called India as mother of terrorism. This means limit yaar! How could anyone control their laughter. All the member countries except Pakistan came to me and ask to call a special session so that they could clear their throats by laughing out loud for at least an hour. These member countries told me that after Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi's funny speech, they as it is felt stomach pain as they had to control their laugh due to diplomatic formalities. However, Maleeha Lodhi episode was worst and now they don't have an option but to laugh. Therefore, I finally decided to call a special session wherein they could release their stuck up laughing gases once and for all," António Guterres told India Satire correspondent.

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