Published On:Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Nitin Gadkari asks people to catch flies and mosquitoes to create alternate fuel

India's transport minister Nitin Gadkari asked Indians to collect flies and mosquitoes this season as it will reduce dependency of petrol and diesel by 20kgs per year. Speaking to the students of 1.5x Brain Development Institute of India, Gadkari was enthused in announcing his new discovery after the most sought out discovery of hair as alternative fertilizer. He said "Every Indian could contribute to reduce the dependency on petrol and diesel by collecting flies and mosquitoes alive. I, personally have found that each and every hair on their body carries a large amount of undiscovered gases to world which replace petrol and diesel. I need every Indian to practice it every morning, evening and night. But I need them alive as each and every hair should be collected from the living bodies of flies and mosquitoes. You would not believe that India will reduce it's dependence on imported fuel by 20000 grams."

Talking to students, he said he has already implemented the scheme in his home constituency, Nagpur and collected almost 200 million (20 crores) of flies and mosquitoes with gases of 25 grams. "I asked people with no job to do this and I will pay one rupee per fly and mosquito. They said they are as it is sitting empty after pakoda frying, so no issues in catching few flies and mosquitoes. And I tell you today many 'nalla' public of Nagpur is employed. Many state governments are in touch with me understanding the success of the project. I told them whatever machinery and government's assistance you need, I will help you. I also talked to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to provide budgetary support to the project, which she would do by putting some more taxes on super rich."

Talking about sourcing, Gadkari enlightened students that India is a vast source of flies and mosquitoes and they could be used for some nation building. "As it is they were flying here and there without a fraction of use for our country. So I decided them to catch alive and use for reduction of costly fuel dependency. I am targeting 20 kgs of fuel replacement by 2023. And you know my commitment. Whatever I commit I fulfill. I never promise what I am unable to fulfill."

When asked about what would happen to electric vehicles and all, he said "What was that? I will discuss that in my next speech next week as how electric vehicles would replace the fuel collected from flies and mosquitoes."

(Satire and Fake News. Contributed by Over Intelligent Chachu graduated from 1.5x Brain Development Institute of India)

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