Published On:Thursday, 17 July 2014

SP Tulsian left CNBC TV18, joins Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

A major setback to millions of his fans, India's most popular equity analyst, and investment advisor SP Tulsian has left CNBC TV18. While both TV18 and Tulsian yet to confirm the news, India Satire came to know from the sources that there was a tussle between them over the track record of his recent calls. SP Tulsian is absent from the channel since last 14 days.

"His investment calls and stock ideas have actually started working. It was totally against his track record of giving inverse ideas. Our investors lost huge money because of his perfect calls," said a TV18 official, on the condition of anonymity.

Inventor of inverse trade strategies, SP Tulsian has gained immense popularity over past 10 years by perfectly articulating investment ideas and set a bar higher and higher where no fundamental and technical analyst could ever reached. Many in the field even said that equity research has gained popularity because of SP Tulsian. He mastered both fundamental and technical research. The sources also told India Satire correspondent that he introduced more dynamism in the field by giving his fundamental views based on technical analysis.

"We used his buy calls to sell in the market while his sell calls for buying decisions. The success rate was almost 100%. His idea of inverse trades has perfectly worked for us over past many years. I think the book on equity research cannot be completed without his mention or at least one chapter on him," said Rajesh Dalal, a retail investor in the Indian equity markets.

SP Tulsian was not just an important adviser for retail investors but also an inspiration for retail and institutional equity analysts. Many analysts used to change their recommendations based on Tulsian's view.

"I still remember that I hurriedly changed my recommendation on Tata Steel from sell to buy when Tulsian asked investors to sell the stock. The stock turned multi-bagger after my report came out. I always keep a tab on Tulsian's calls and that way recommend to our esteemed institutional clients. Many times our institutions ask us whether we checked Tulsian's opinion before releasing our recommendation. Calls based on inverse trading strategies have huge demand among domestic as well as foreign institutional investors," said a popular metals sector analyst of a foreign broker, requesting anonymity.

Many have asked TV18 to reconsider for appointing Tulsian again, as he should not be blamed, as every stock rallied in a recent run up of the market. His proponents said that there was chance that there was all likelihood that Tulsian's calls could go haywire by reacting in other way. However, TV18 was firm on its decision and could not buy this argument.

The official said, "Our investors usually invested thinking that stock will exactly behave against Tulsian's recommendation, however, for last 3-4 months we have observed that whatever he is saying is happening. We got calls from big investors who asked us reasons that they could ever trust us."

However, official said that TV18 never denied the depth of the knowledge of SP Tulsian is having and will always appreciate it.

"He can talk on each and every listed and unlisted company in India, Colombia, Tanzania and what not countries for hours. Only by looking at name of the company, he identifies its nature of business, investment potential, and opportunities to make gain. This is the kind of knowledge he possess. Even I can say with all conviction and confidence in him that he can easily take name of more than 2000 companies listed in BSE and NSE at a one go. We never doubted about his talent. But our concern was that his calls started working," said the official.

According to sources in SP Tulsian's office, Tulsian has joined Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who put him as immunity to his ever-increasing investment portfolio. The sources from Rare Enterprises said that Rakesh wanted Tulsian's opinion first before buying any stock. The sources also told correspondent that he ardently followed Tulsian's inverse idea methodology and therefore he is now sitting on a portfolio of thousands of crore rupees.

(Fake News: Just a satire)

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