Published On:Wednesday, 10 August 2016

New Devil’s Dictionary

​South Asian Humor: Bhishma Kukreti

There is news from reliable source that every school child will be posting a request letter to dictionary publishers for changing the definition of certain words.

My grandson prepared a list for changing the definition or interpretation of certain words to dictionary publishers as-

Bribe – A major body of corruption. Those do not take or do not offer bribe don't get happiness in the day time, don't get sound sleep in night and the doors for heaven are closed forever for them

Bad Luck- Call from police station

Bad Luck remedies – Bribery

Complaint- A birth right in democracy for democracy through undemocratic means

Congress- The Nehru –Indira Gandhi Riyasat

Synonym of Unfulfilled Desire – Lalkrishna Advani

Government Hospital- The best place for practicing struggles 

Gram Pradhan (Village Chief) - The last pillar of democracy at the corner for wasting public money

Honesty- A humanly character that drains a man immediately so much that man leaves it forever.

Hospital- A golden place for struggling for life

Indian Pride- Our country is developing country and we have only one positive thing for showing before the foreigners and that is our pride

Jail - A noble skill development institute for improving criminal skills

Lie – A carnation of lawyers and political leaders

Major Types of Indian History- Communist type of History, Nehru type of History and Saffron type of History

Monkey- A human without habits of alcohol, smoking and telling a lie 

Outer Space- The end target for inflation

Personal Assistant to Minister- is a Nandi Bull statue outside Shiva Temple. You can't enter into Shiva temple without touching Nandi and you can't meet Minister without fulfilling the pocket of PA.

Positive point of Indian Communist Parties - They fulfill every election promise and they don't promise at all

Police Station- A government temple cum shelter for criminals where criminals are safer than in their own houses

Public Benefits Schemes – Fodder grounds for Bulls like – politicians, public servants and commission agents 

Public Bank- Safer financial institution for looting than openly looting public

Useless- A name of discussion held in Parliament and assemblies

Soul- The unseen matter that is hated by politicians, administrators and black marketers

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